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Direction of use

Veet Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream


5 minutes

Skin Type:


Body Area:

Legs, Arms, Underarams, Bikini Area

Caring for your skin

If you have sensitive skin- then this is the right Veet for you.Its superior formulation contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E-leaving your skin feeling smooth, soft and beautiful! Whats more it comes with the pleasant floral fragrance, unlike the unbearable odour of ordinary hair removal creams.

Simply apply the cream on to your skin, spread evenly with the help of the perfect touch spatula, wait for 5 minutes, and remove hair with the spatula. (if required, leave the cream on for a bit longer but do not exceed 10 minutes)

Go on, you deserve to have the Veet smooth and beautiful skin

Pack Contents

  • Available in 2 sizes:
         - 25 gm
         - 50 gm
  • 1 Perfect Touch Spatula

Working Time

  • 5 Minutes

For sensitive skin:

Veet Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream

Ingredients: Wheat germ oil and Orchid


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